Amrut Gaushala has a unique mission to promote sustainable livestock development in the country. Founded in Village - Nadiya , Ta- Satalpur in 2007 by as part of the for professional management, the organization has traversed a long path to reach a state of excellence in the field of animal husbandry and agriculture.

At Amrut Gaushala, the centers of cow urine medical office are also going on with service to cow. By it the pious service to cow by which the pious service to human health is also going on so that society can connect themselves to cow..

Where each and every cow is daily checked up and needy treatment is provided. Also maintainance of health and food is strictly maintained. Here the cow is not trated professionally as a milking animal only for source of income but the five elements – panch gavya like Milk, Curd, Ghee, Cow Urine (Gaumutra) and Cow Dung are used medically. The vision is upbringing of cow in each and every house and re-establishing them in house to house, by this we make goal to bring back the capture of Lord Shree Krishna of that time




Mission Done




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Vyas Bhikhabhai Amrutbhai

Managing Trustee